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Storing the coffee beans for a more extended period is difficult for anyone, and these are some techniques that can help you keep them preserved for longer without getting stale and smelly. Rather than storing roasted beans, you can store green and fresh coffee beans, and we will tell you how!

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Green coffee beans

You are familiar with roasted “coffee beans“, but green coffee beans might be a new term for you. Let me tell you what these coffee beans are. Green coffee beans are fresh and nonroasted coffee beans. Like coffee beans are better than ground coffee, green coffee beans are better than brown or roasted coffee beans. They have a lot of advantages as:

  • Coffee of your own choice

In the case of roasted coffee beans or ground coffee, you are limited to enjoying the specific flavour of the coffee. When it comes to the Green coffee beans, you are free to go. Since these beans are unflavored and non-roasted, you can introduce any flavour into them and roast them as per your desires.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

You cannot be so sure about the whole beans or ground coffee since you did not watch the manufacturing in front of your eyes. Now, when you have green coffee beans, you can roast and flavour them under your supervision or by yourself. By doing so, you will get outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • Longer use

Green coffee beans are here to increase the duration of your love for coffee; wondering how? Whole beans or ground coffee are in specific packagings, and they cannot last longer than a month or two. Unflavored and unroasted green coffee beans enable you to enjoy the coffee of different flavours the whole year. You can save these coffee beans up to 12 months.

  1. Humidity; makes sure that coffee beans are not stale or no mould is about to grow.
  2. Temperature; regulates the moisture and crunch of your green coffee beans.
  3. Light also has an integral part in storing the green coffee beans for a longer time. It should neither be too intense nor too dull.
  4. Place where you are keeping them. Try keeping beans in an isolated place where there is not any contact of air or moisture.
  5. Time; for which you are storing the beans.


Humidity or moisture is the critical factor, and all the others are its regulators. Like every other constant value, humidity must be controlled and stable in the case of coffee beans. If the humidity is less than a certain point, it will cause deterioration of green coffee beans, whereas if humidity is more than needed, it will cause the staling of coffee beans. Also, it will assist mold to grow.


Temperature is another primary factor that can control the duration of saving green coffee beans. The green coffee beans are porous and allow the water to go through them. If the temperature is optimum, water transport would be adequate, keeping the beans healthy and fresh.


Everything has its proper age, and simply after that age, it expires. Similarly, green coffee beans have a period of 12 months maximum, and you cannot make them stay more than a year, and why would you even try to do that when one year is a perfect duration.


People do not have much knowledge of green coffee beans, and consequently, there are a lot of queries from them. We cared to answer some of them. 


Storing the green coffee beans is not that hard if you have the basic knowledge. If you had not it before, now you have it.

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