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Baratza Encore: Coffee Grinder Review

I can’t overstate how much the Baratza Encore burr grinder transformed my morning ritual; it may be the most important item I possess.

I’ve found a strange balance between actively investing in my home coffee setup and not taking coffee culture too seriously. For example, even if I like a well-balanced cup of coffee in the morning, I won’t weigh my beans to obtain the perfect coffee-to-water ratio. But my Baratza Encore burr grinder is the one piece of my kitchen’s about $1,000 worth of coffee gear that I cannot live without.

Baratza EncoreBaratza Encore

In 1999, Kyle Anderson and Kyra Kennedy established Baratza in Seattle. Coffee enthusiasts have grown to rely on Baratza grinders because of their effectiveness, dependability, and repairability. Even though the founders and company exist today, Breville bought Baratza in 2020.

I bought the Baratza Encore when my blade grinder broke. Ironically, I paid $100 for a coffee bean grinder only to use a four-cup Mr. Coffee maker with the grinds in the basket. But that first sip changed everything—it was the most exquisite and well-balanced cup I’d ever prepared. Since having that epiphany, I’ve gradually expanded my collection of coffee accessories into the countertop-hogging monster it is now.

For its pricing range, the Encore’s grind quality is decent. For the majority of common coffee varieties, including:

  • Sprinkle on
  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Espresso maker for hob

Even while the Encore creates some dust, or so-called “fines,” it doesn’t produce as much as other entry-level grinders. You can always filter it out of the grinds if it bothers you, but it isn’t required.

The grounds are more attractive overall than anything else in this price bracket. If you want to take a huge step up in consistency, look at a manual grinder or spend much more money.

Espresso won’t work with Encore. You’ll be able to get a shot from the Encore, but it won’t ever be exceptional. You can get away with it in a pressurized basket (which is more forgiving), but it won’t be a long-term answer in a standard 58mm portafilter. It is not designed for the motor, which might lead to issues in the future. Furthermore, you won’t be able to fine-tune the adjustment so that you can precisely dial in your shot.

Design – 4/5

This grinder was created to be an excellent tool for beginners. It won’t provide the upscale conveniences of the more costly barista favorites, but it doesn’t skimp on quality like other cheap grinders.

Easy to use

The power and grind settings are on the top and side of the device, while the front pulse button is in the center. Most loose grounds are collected in the catch bin. However, some customers have reported that static keeps the grounds within the grinder and creates a mess when cleaning it.

Using coffee beans that are bigger than typical may make using the Encore challenging. Larger beans may leave some loose beans behind since they don’t feed into the hopper as well as smaller beans do.

Build Quality

The Encore gadget features a better gearbox for quieter operation and a sturdier build than Baratza’s prior Maestro devices. The Encore’s interior components are primarily plastic, except for steel burrs. However, the gears are stronger since they comprise 15% glass-filled thermoplastic.

You shouldn’t be concerned about the grinder’s longevity because it operates at a relatively low RPM (about 550) and typically handles coarse- to medium-range grinds. The updated gearbox also makes for a more durable grinder by preventing clogs from clearing sufficiently soon to avoid harming internal components.


The Encore excels greatly in this area. Although most of its components are plastic, they are all high caliber. A massive metal ballast that stabilizes the entire structure is also present. That explains why this device is so heavy for its size, especially.

The Encore’s gears are constructed of 15% glass-filled thermoplastic. Because these materials offer “very high dimensional stability, good fatigue strength, and high mechanical damping properties,” according to Ensinger Plastics, this translates into exceptionally robust and long-lasting gears that are not overly loud when in use.

Grinding Capability

Thanks to a 40-step grind-size adjustment, the Encore can grind between 250 and 1200 microns. This shows that it can easily produce a French Press or espresso grind. It may even handle the extra-coarse grind required for cold brew. For a novice grinder, that will suffice to support all brewing types.

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Value for Money

The Encore costs more than most entry-level grinders, but its exceptional build quality and longevity justify its price. You may anticipate many years of devoted service as compensation for your greater initial financial commitment. Additionally, Baratza grinders are among the most well-known devices in the coffee market, and in the event of a problem, you can rely on receiving outstanding support from them.

Special Features

The calibrating method for the Baratza Encore is rather simple; it resembles that of industrial grinders. Being adjustable makes it one of the few grinders in its price range, which is a helpful feature for discriminating users.

Additionally, you may pick from 40 grind settings to suit practically any palate, whether you want a fine or coarse grind.

The gear speed reduces the burr to 550 RPM for less noise and smoother bean feeding, while the DC motor keeps your beans cold. Additionally, the Encore won’t generate too much heat, which prevents your beans from prematurely releasing volatile fragrance oils.

Encore Wing Nut Hack

The Baratza Encore is frequently criticized for feeling sluggish at times. This is because it contains a lot of so-called popcorning, in addition to the burr kind. As a result, the beans are circling in the hopper rather than dropping and being pounded by the burrs.

This recently had me consider the wing nut perched on the cone burr. The common belief is that it serves to maintain the position of the upper burr. However, that is not the real cause.          


  • Slow: It grinds rather slowly. Depending on who you ask, this may be considered “pro.”
  • Basic: Since Encore is Baratza’s most basic model, it is not surprising that there are no “convenience” features like dosage controls or timers.
  • Messy: Removing the grounds bin causes some mess due to the accumulation of static charge.
  • No espresso: Espresso is not intended for this model. Yes, I know it can be calibrated to grind more finely, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will last for a long time doing so.


After performing a Baratza encore consumer poll and looking online, we have discovered several questions. Here are some of the most often-asked questions and their responses.

How can I extend the life of my Baratza Encore?

Anything you take excellent care of will last longer. The Baratza Encore is the same. It may last longer because it is the best product. You merely need to demonstrate care. Clean your Baratza encore coffee grinder every four to six weeks. The time may alter if you’re brewing black coffee. The Baratza encore might last longer than ten years with the right maintenance. In other words, you will get value for your money.

How many cups of coffee can I make at once with a Baratza encore?

The hopper capacity of this automated coffee grinder exceeds that of even the best manual coffee grinders. While most coffee grinders can only grind a certain amount of beans at once, the Baratza Encore can brew coffee from 8 ounces of whole beans, which is virtually an entire whole-bean coffee bag. Breathe deeper and unwind more.

What methods of brewing are accepted by Baratza Encore?

One may describe the Baratza Encore as a universal coffee grinder. Thanks to this device, you may create coffee using several brewing methods, all of which are thought to be the best. An Aeropress, Chemex, French press, or espresso machine may be used to produce coffee. It is possible because of the extraordinary 40mm conical burr on the Baratza encore’s capacity to self-adjust.

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The already outstanding Maestro series gains espresso capabilities with the Baratza Encore. For whatever function, it grinds finely or coarsely enough. The Encore’s coolest feature is this:

Combining the Baratza Encore, the Mypressi Twist, and sound judgment results in amazing homemade espresso. Until recently, this was only a pipe dream. Last but not least, if you’re considering buying an Encore grinder, I want to assure you that Baratza will provide outstanding user assistance. They take a traditional, personable, and real approach to customer care. Due to Baratza’s commitment to its consumers, purchasing an Encore is not risky.

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